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SubjectRe: 3rd Party Patches / patches directory

On Thu, 8 Oct 1998, Mike wrote:

> > 2.) Writeing a few scripts they can update a local copy of all description
> > files by downloading the newest version and building a website from
> > the description files.
> Is there any particular reason for downloading them all locally rather
> than just looking at the original site?

Locally is ment as on the server of the patches archive. Remote in this
meaning would be on the site of the maintainer of this patch. The idea
is that the maintainer only needs to update the description file on
his download page - the server which holds the patch archive updates his
copies automatically (lets say every 4 hours - this files are not big).

> > So we could have a allways up-to-date and clean archive of all patches to
> > the linux kernel. The traffic wouldn't be that much becouse the patches
> > temself are still at the primary site - the archive would conatin only the
> > metadata.
> I suspect the traffic would still be fairly high, but if they go on
> I doubt it'll notice too much

The total traffic would stay the same - but it's shared: if someone
downloads a singe patch it's download direct from the primary site. If
someone downloads the compleate archive it's downloaded from a
mirror - the linux patches site would only handle the traffic for the html
files with the patch descriptions.

> > We all prefer the mirrors, aren't we?
> Not always. My nearest mirror is often 2-3 days late getting kernels, and
> I don't like waiting that long :)

Well - I'm in austria. The local mirror here is and it's
pretty up-to-date. The only thing I donwnload directly from are
the pre-patches becouse they are not mirrored at my site.

Probably you should try out another mirror? Most of the time there is
another mirror, which is probably not nat near but still faster than
the original site.

- clifford

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