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SubjectRe: UDI and Free Software
    What I find frightening about this whole argument is that so far the only
person who has even mentioned a technical viewpoint is Alan Cox.. Why is
this ?

This is very gratifying news. I can't be sure of other people's
motives, of course, but maybe some of them share my view that freedom
is important for its own sake, and that we should not lose sight of the
main goal for technical subgoals such as speed.

right now I'm
tired of telling people "sorry Linux doesn't support that" I'd rather say
"yea it works but it's gonna be slower then the competition"

If Linux the free kernel cannot handle a certain piece of hardware on
its own, if it needs the help of a non-free driver, what does that mean?
It means that *as far as free software is concerned*, we don't support
that hardware.

So we should tell people, "That hardware is not supported--so buy some
other model!"

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