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SubjectRe: [patch] Re: Out Of Memory in v. 2.1
Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
> On Sat, 3 Oct 1998, Bill Hawes wrote:
> >Roy Bixler wrote:
> >


> I passed last night and this afternoon on the OOM problem. I discovered
> many problems in the current MM of 2.1.123.
> I developed a patch that fix all problems I can reproduce. With this my
> patch applyed I am not able to deadlock (or better persistence starvation)
> 2.1.123. Linux now is _always_ able to kill a process when _needed_.

Hi Andrea:

Here are the results of my tests:

System: Pentium 166, 64MB RAM, 44348KB SWAP, linux-2.1.124, libc5,
running X on KDE 1.0 with kdm (xdm). All over an old Slackware heavy
"upgraded" by hand.

#include <stdlib.h>

if( malloc(2048) == 0)
I ran leak in one xterm and switched to another.

I keep running free on the 2nd xterm and got messages like that (disk
spinning like crazy):

$ free
free: can't map '/lib/'
$ free
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

At some time, the system got not responsive: no mouse, cant switch VCs,
NumLock and CapsLock don't even lit the LEDs.

Pressed Reset :-(

System: the same as above with linux-2.1.124+your patch

$ leak
Bus error [ something different :-) ]
$ leak

The disk was not spinning like crazy, the system was more responsive.

Suddenly, one xterm died, the other died, KDE interface died, X died and
the kdm (xdm) appeared. I was able to log in again and go to TEST 3

$ leak

The system was responsive for a while.

Tried to run free in the 2nd xterm and bash output something like
bash: out of virtual memory
and the xterm died

The system got no responsive, no mouse, cant switch VCs, no CapsLock,

Reset again

Next test will be without X, KDE, etc, will only use the console.

I will send you my next results.



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