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    SubjectRe: the SOUND_MIXER_OUTSRC thing
    >> sb_mixer.c:357: `SOUND_MIXER_OUTSRC' undeclared (first use this function)

    >You and everybody owning a sb card. Just two missing
    >lines in include/linux/soundcard.h

    Just a note: I get this too when trying to compile for only a PAS16
    including th efollowing scenarios:
    did not select CONFIG_SB
    *did* even set the undocumented DISABLE_SB_EMULATION
    (don't remember the exact variable name, I'm at work.)
    and still it insisted on compiling the sb files. I compiled
    it by commenting out the three new stanzas for now,
    until the defines show up.

    seems to be running fine, except I didn't try to revert audio.c and
    the other file for rvplayer happiness this time, as they are touched
    again by 2.1.126 and I was compiling that kernel while really late
    for work and also needing badly to deliver used coffee. :)

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