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    Subjectminor problems with ide-cd
    With 2.1, trying to play an audio cd doesn't work as expected.  Trying to do an
    CDROMREADTOCHDR ioctl results in an I/O error. The cd driver doesn't check
    to see that there is a new cd. By trying to mount the disk or by doing
    a 'cat /dev/cdrom' the kernel checks and finds a new cd and then the ioctl will
    work. I have done a little digging into the driver, and can do more, but
    wanted to know if anyone with more familiarity with the driver has any ideas.
    Also, another minor problem, the CDROMEJECT ioctl doesn't seem to work. It
    simply reports "Operation not supported" while it did work with a 2.0 kernel.
    This is with 2.1.125pre2-ac2.

    d(t,c,n)char *t;{return n&1?*t?*t-c?d(++t,c,n):6[t]:0:(1<<1)&n?d("(6>xbwmkrhg"
    "qtve[i\nd aGfo.gup,n@uyHdo{cm%})",c,n-1):n&4?*t?d(t+1,putchar(d("Linux!",*t,n
    >>1)),n):0:0;}main(){return d("[rniivpniiqbxnii.yemxdam6dr,aq",8,('$'/2)>>2);}

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