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SubjectRe: 4MB pages and framebuffer access, x11perf results, 2.1.125
In article <>, (Jim Gettys) writes:

> Whether it is worth doing a general solution, and what such an implementation
> should look like, and whether more than the hack solution is appropriate,
> I don't know off hand (and I'm completely ignorant of x86 paging hardware).
> If there is interest, I can try to find out if for Digital UNIX on Alpha
> it has been worth doing more than hack 1) (I think that we also may use
> the large TLB entries for shared libraries, if memory serves).
This would mean that shared libraries couldn't be swapped page-by-page but
only as a large chunk. That sounds like a serious memory waste and IO overhead
if only parts of the shared libraries are used. Or do I miss something here?

I could imagine 4MB pages in userspace could be useful for lots of other
applications though.


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