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    SubjectRe: CVS server for linux kernel [was Re: Kernel 2.0.36pre11 uploaded]
    > On Fri, 25 Sep 1998, Alan Cox wrote:
    > > Its hassle for me to do, so I dont bother. I know other people were
    > > doing them for .35
    > Why there is no CVS server for linux kernel.

    Because Linus doesnt like CVS. CVS is [IMHO] exactly how the Linux
    kernel 2.1.x stuff should be run simply because Linus doesnt (and now
    by his own admission doesnt) scale.

    Linus does have some good reasons for not liking CVS in that CVS has
    no real control by 'area'. It lacks the ability to easily say things like

    xyz has remote cvs access to drivers/sound/*, and to include/linux/sound.h
    but if its the latter notify me.

    > Most so called "open source" projects ( like all BSDs, mozzila, etc.. )
    > use it.

    For very good reasons. It works, nothing else free comes close. Right now
    for example if you want to know why a patch was added to the Linux kernel
    you have to hope its in my patch archive or it was added via vger and thus

    Yes the current system is a complete mess. Yes it needs fixing, but someone
    has to find a system that works and Linus is happy with. Jitterbug was close
    for tracking, but doesnt solve all the scaling mess.

    If you have the solution then do the yelling.

    Also if someone has a good way of efficiently replicating a 40Mb CVS
    tree over a modem to an anonymous cvs server let me know. Then I can look
    at putting 2.0.37pre1 or whatever under CVS


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