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SubjectOut Of Memory in v. 2.1

I am running kernel 2.1.123 on a couple of workstations and find a
reliable way to make the machines completely non-responsive is simply
to run a buggy X application which tries to allocate more memory than
is availabe. The only way out is a hard reset or a Alt-SysRq
sequence. In ordinary circumstances, the memory and swap space on
each machine is perfectly adequate and so I don't see "get more
memory" as being a solution. I could just get rid of the buggy apps,
but feel that the system ought to offer some protection against the
Out Of Memory scenario (i.e. a program shouldn't be able to cause a
system freeze simply by using too much memory.)

To solve this, I have been trying out Rik van Riel's OOM patch at
"". It does the
right thing in most cases and, as he has told me, it could certainly
use more testing and fine-tuning. Will this or something like it
appear in v. 2.2?


Roy Bixler

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