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SubjectRe: Specialix IO8+/PCI beta testers wanted.
Simon J Mudd wrote:
> (Rogier Wolff) writes:
> > I just finished work on the Specialix IO8+/PCI driver. Anybody got one
> > of these, and want to beta-test?
> >
> > The Specialix IO8+ is a "low end" multiport card (I.e. it is not
> > intended to be used to give a server 128 serial ports).
> >
> > If you have a serious application for such a card (i.e. you'll really
> > help test the thing), I might even be able to get Specialix to send
> > you one. (no guarantees).
> Roger, excuse the off-topic post.

You could've replied to me in private Email, instead of sending it to
the list....

> I have a couple of EISA Specialix SI cards, and say your name mentioned as
> a developer of another specialix card.

I'm not sure. I'm going to refer you to MY web page :-)

and then click on "free software".

> Do you know of any drivers for this card? Specialix haven't been terribly
> helpful when I asked them the same question (sending me to their web page
> where there was no information about these cards and linux drivers).

Specialix is considering having me do all specialix cards. However, as
EISA is getting outdated, I don't expect them to spend money on
developing drivers for EISA cards. However, it might be that the Eisa
SI cards are sufficiently compatible to other cards that the driver
can easily be ported. I'll try to assist in getting them ported if
that's the case...


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