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SubjectRe: My thoughts on egcs+2.2 (do you care??)

> > Well, since we are talking about egcs and gcc.. does anyone have an idea
> > of the reason for the size increase in executables on IA?
> > int main() {return 0;} (stripped)
> > gcc 2146 bytes
> > gcc 2.8.1 6168 bytes
> > ecc 1.1 8752 bytes

> Are the collected results with the same libs? Try with -fno-exceptions.

Yes, it's always -fno-exceptions makes NO difference as I
would expect for C executables. And hm, yes, it has to be linking related
since object file sizes are almost the same (modulo .comment section).

The additional size comes from libgcc.c, more precisely from frame.o and
two things use frame.o afaiks: exception handling and dwarf2 unwinding..
but is dwarf2 unwinding needed for C?

At any rate, I ended up with two libgcc.c: one for C++ (with unwinding)
and the other for C (without unwinding) and now the improvement in the
final size is noticeable: 2888 bytes (ecc).

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