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Subject[RFC] /proc/fs/nfsd/exports
I am adding a proc file to kernel nfsd to display the exports and would
like opions on what its output should look like.

The basic layout is

path client flags IPs

This is simular to the /etc/exports file, with the addition of the IP numbers
that client refers to.

if myhost = and
and if the etc/export file contained:

/home myhost(async, ro, root_squash)
/home, rw, no_root_quash)

/proc/fs/nfsd/exports would have:

/home myhost 15 01000001,-02000001
/home 10 02000001


/home localhost(async,ro,root_squash) #,(
/home #

The `myhost' export has its IP _masked_ by the `' export.
This is what the `-' or `()'s are trying to signify.

I prefer the first, as it is much easier to implement, and easier to parse.
but the second one is easier to read and would be compatible with exports(5).
Or there might be something better.


Allen Morris <>

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