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SubjectRe: Directory name problem...
25-Oct-98 17:00 you wrote:
> Hi Joe.

>> I admin a machine, and do the same thing to wipe out cores every
>> day. However, all i use is the following line in my root crontab:

>> 0 6 * * * find / -name core -exec rm {} ';'

>> Since this only wipes files, not directories, this leaves all my kernel
>> stuff ok. every morning, my cron daemon sends me an e-mail that it
>> couldn't wipe out 3 or 4 files with the name "core" in them, because they
>> are in fact directories, and rm doesn't work.

> Just as a point of interest, I'd suspect the following line (which is
> the version used here) would kill that email as well...

Q>> 30 4 * * * find / -name core -type f -exec rm {} ';'

> It runs slightly earlier than yours, but otherwise differs little...

>> You may want to speak to your sys-admin and see if this would be a
>> viable option. Good luck.

> Already tried, and he's not interested, but I did find out what script
> he's using...

Q>> #!/bin/sh
Q>> XYZZY="`find / -name core`"
Q>> for LOOP in `find $XYZZY | sort -ru` ; do
Q>> rm -fr $LOOP
Q>> done

> Apparently, the version I use (and show above) is "too simple to do
> the job"...and the version he uses was written for him by his son,
> who's doing Comp Sci on Solaris as school - aged 14 !!!

> Best wishes from Riley.

Hm. Great script. And what is current directory when script is running ? Not /
by any chances ? Then
-- cut --
mkdir /tmp/' dev '
touch /tmp/' dev '/core
-- cut --
will do the trick: /dev will be vanished, comp will be frozen and after
recovering (you'll need boot disk and such to do recovering :-) your %$%&#$#$%
friend will be aware that his son is not god in shell-scripting... Of course
you could use ' home ' or ' usr ' (this will create A LOT OF destruction :-)
but IMO ' dev ' is more then enough...

P.S. May be you could create better trick to learn you syadmin to not use this
script but this is completely unrelated to kernel problem anyway...

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