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    SubjectRe: ARMS WAVING!!! Proposal to fix /proc dainbrammage.
    Followup to:  <>
    By author: Linus Torvalds <>
    In newsgroup:
    > And I'm arguing that when it has structure, we should show the
    > _structure_, not the bytes. And when you do that, "byteorder" goes away as
    > a problem, because now you see the structure and the ordering is a purely
    > structural one rather than some "what order do I deposit bytes in memory
    > in?" problem.
    > See? There are no byte order problems with "123.456" - everybody agrees
    > that it is a floating point number somewhere between the integers 123 and
    > 124. And that's regardless of how they represent the actual bits in
    > memory.
    > Linus

    That's bigendian (the high-order digit comes first, or to the left,
    because Latin-script text is L->R.) That happens to be pretty much
    the only reason why some computers unfortunately use the same ordering
    in memory.

    I fully agree that it would be utterly idiotic to break numbers down
    in their consistent bytes for display.

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