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SubjectRe: OSF/1 binaries on linux/axp bug (fs/exec.c)
Once upon a time, Bob McElrath <> said:
>The linux/axp implementation of loading OSF/1 binaries seems to have a bug.
>The loading works fine, but generates the following message:
> 513:/sbin/loader: Fatal Error: loader cannot be invoked directly
>After perusing fs/exec.c I beleve the reason to be that /sbin/loader gets
>run twice, once for the original application, and a second time
>*for*itself*. ps reveals:
>(0)<mcelrath@draal:/home/mcelrath> netscape &
>[1] 512
>513:/sbin/loader: Fatal Error: loader cannot be invoked directly
>(0)<mcelrath@draal:/home/mcelrath> ps aux | grep loader
>mcelrath 512 0.6 6.5 22920 16688 ? S 11:48 0:01 /sbin/loader
>mcelrath 513 0.0 0.0 0 0 ? Z 11:48 0:00 (loader <zombie>)
>Thus, I surmise that /sbin/loader is executed a *second* time, with itself
>as its argument, and subsequently fails and gives the above message.
>Can someone more familiar with the data structures involved in loading and
>executing binaries possibly look at this and eliminate the second execution
>of /sbin/loader? I can test any patches that anyone comes up with.

The second execute is because netscape re-executes itself to get
asynchronous DNS lookups. The standard resolver libraries only support
synchronous DNS lookups, so to allow the user to interrupt them, netscape
starts a second process it can signal. I suspect the problem lies in the
fact that the ARGV string shows /sbin/loader instead of netscape, so when
netscape looks at its ARGV to find its own name and run it, it instead
tries to run /sbin/loader, which doesn't work.

I never tried to figure out how to fix it - I just turned off async DNS
lookups (put "export MOZILLA_NO_ASYNC_DNS=True" in your .profile to do
Chris Adams -
System Administrator - Renaissance Internet Services
I don't speak for anybody but myself - that's enough trouble.

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