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    SubjectRe: wtmp problems (with "last")
    >>>>> Neil Conway writes:

    > With RH5.1, few if any of the updated RPM's (mea culpa :-), 2.1.108, I
    > keep getting entries like these throughout my "last" printouts, which if
    > I am correct means corruption in the wtmp file (?):

    > ing *4*** ?***P****4*****@ Wed Oct 21 18:02 still logged
    > in
    > x6*@**** otify ***@ Wed Oct 21 18:02 still logged
    > in

    glibc2 which is used with RedHat 5.1 uses a different (larger) utmp
    format than libc5. If you've got program that expect the libc5 utmp
    format, you'll notice this corruption. Just upgrade those binaries.
    When upgrading from a libc5 distribution to a glibc2 one, you should
    also `rm wtmp' since the format has changed.

    P.S. This is offtopic to linux-kernel.
    Andreas Jaeger
    for pgp-key finger

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