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    SubjectRe: [Maybe Off-topic] Production Installations
    On Thu, 22 Oct 1998, Linux Lists wrote:

    >Every time I install RedHat (or any other Linux distribution) in a system,
    >I have to select everything I want/don't want to install again, even if
    >the installation is the same as another one I did 5 minutes ago in an
    >identical PC system.
    >Some OS's (SCO Unixware 7, for instance) have a very interesting feature,
    >which allows the installer to record his installation options, so that he
    >can re-install the _same_ Linux again as many times as he wants, without
    >having to "re-answer" the installation questions.


    >Is it my lack of knowledge or this really does not exist in any Linux

    <Spoken with humorousness>
    No, it's your lack of knowledge. ;o)
    <Humor off>

    Seriously, it is called Kickstart in RedHat 5.1. I haven't used
    it, but it's in the manual I believe.

    >If it exists, please let me know. If not, this would be a good way to ease
    >Linux installation in corporate desktops, or even in similar servers,
    >don't you think ? I believe this is something to be considered ...
    >If this is not the right place to discuss it, please let me know whereelse
    >I should post this e-mail.

    Mike A. Harris - Computer Consultant - Linux advocate

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