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    SubjectRe: 9G disk, >4 partitions, and lose95
    And lo, Guest section DW saith unto me:
    > No, sfdisk is several years old. It is in util-linux.
    > I suppose RedHat decided that its user interface was too horrible
    > to let it loose on the general public, but there are several things
    > no other fdisk will do for you. Changing the type to and from 5
    > is one of these.

    It looks like my problems were threefold:

    1) Red Hat 5.1's fdisk is old already.

    2) When you fdisk the drive you've got root mounted off of (even
    read-only), linux-2.1.125 (and possibly earlier) won't reread the partition
    table, and with 2.1.125 it *seemed* like it wouldn't even *write* the table
    out to disk with root mounted read-only on it. It's a check in
    drivers/scsi/sd.c, and my bare minimum usage is 2 (ioctl + /), not 1
    (ioctl). I'm not sure whether or not it's a good idea to change this...

    3) Between those two problems, I never got around to realizing that the
    modern kernel does indeed recognize the new partition type numbers.

    Keith (I hates rescue floppies...)

    "The avalanche has already started; |Linux: |"Zooty,
    it is too late for the pebbles to |KDE: | zoot
    vote." Kosh, "Believers", Babylon 5 |Keith: | zoot!" | | --Rebo

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