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SubjectRe: Dynamic IP hack (PR#294)
>  > IP masq != firewall in a strict sense.
> True, but as the same software's used to control both under Linux 2.0
> kernels, there's not a great deal to differentiate them from a
> practical point of view...

No, I meant firewalls generally, not the linux ip firealling.

> There's one other I've come across, namely net2phone. However, whilst
> they're not directly supporting masquerading, they have programmed a
> work-around to deal with it - net2phone can be set up to use specific
> port numbers, rather than the standard "random free port" system now,
> since I've notified them of the problem...

As can be ICQ, but ipautofw is IMHO too bad for redirecting a range of
ports - the rest of the kernel doesn't know that the ports have been
reserved and uses the same ports as the source port for outgoing
connections. As the result, outgoing connection time out sometimes, and
even 10 failures in a row was oo much for me.

Meelis Roos (

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