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SubjectRe: Motherboard design specifically for Linux
On 21-Oct-98 Vojtech Pavlik wrote:
>> a floppy would be much better
>> and then again, what about ls-120?
> Ouch, you'd need to have a full IDE/ATAPI driver inside the non-writable part
> of the ROM, which I don't think is a good idea.

i know
that is why i asked the question

i've built a couple of machines recently with no floppy (just ls-120) which
after all will read/write ordinary floppies
some motherboards i've used have a bios which treats an ls-120 as if it were a
floppy and map it to a: etc. then again, some other motherboards do not do

i was proposing that the linux motherboard (with it's 2MB of cache :-) will do
the former

my ideal would be something like the AOpen AX59Pro with 2MB cache and 8 SDRAM
sockets and the floppy and power connectors in the "right" location. oh, and a
watchdog timer like the wdt500 built in


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