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SubjectRe: Dynamic IP hack (PR#294)
> > And the only person we might screw up is ourselves in that case.
> Who else do we screw up in the other case?

Whoever got our old address

> > I still believe this hack doesnt belong in 2.1.x
> I'm sorry to hear that, especially since you were the
> one that put it in 2.0. Let me make a prediction that
> if no better solution appears, the hack will be in SuSE's
> version of 2.2. I have no connection with SuSE, but they
> have a lot of ISDN customers, and something like this is
> very important to them.

Fine. But thats the difference between doing it right and selling product.
All vendors make such decisions. The reference kernel tree shouldnt violate
specifications because other bits of code can't cope.


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