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    SubjectRe: Motherboard design specifically for Linux
    On Mon, Oct 19, 1998 at 07:46:53AM -0500, Terry L Ridder wrote:
    > Hello;
    > I am interested in hearing what features people would
    > want to have on a motherboard/mainboard designed from the
    > ground up specifically for Linux.

    PCI bus in order to be able to use standard components.
    Maybe onboard SCSI.
    Optional Multi-CPU support.
    21264 bus protocol ? (Which will also be used by AMD-K7 and have the
    mechanical design of Slot1.)
    Intelligent BIOS: Understanding Minix, VFAT, isofs and _ext2_ makes booting
    of any OS very easy. Maybe a part should be flashable just like you can
    flash MILO into a DEC Alpha. So you hardcode some Flash management into a
    ROM and have the other parts (PCI Card initialization, CPU setup, Hardware
    tests, ..., Filesystem interface, ...) flashable.

    Kurt Garloff, Dortmund
    PGP key on

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