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    SubjectRe: Stuck TCP sockets in 2.1.1xx SMP
    > >
    > > There was a number of kernels (2.1.3x - 2.1.9x) that didn't boot
    > > on this hardware. All following releases have had this problem.
    > > One more thing, three simultaneous NetPIPE processes usually kill
    > > the machine before the block size gets to 1Mb.
    > How does this killing look? oops or simple hang? Does the SysRq key still
    > work? What does Shft-Roll on the console say?

    Machine doesn't respond to keypresses, everything is totally locked up,
    attempts to connect return "No route to host". BTW, I tried it again
    today on the 2.1.125 + various pre-patches, this time just two NetPIPE
    jops was enough.

    Alex Korobka

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