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Subject[Getting ridiculously off-topic] Re: Linus is on a powertrip..
In article <>,
Peter T. Breuer <> wrote:
>"A month of sundays ago Gerard Roudier wrote:"
>> > follow the model you describe.
>> You claim is just stupid in my opinion. Linux success does not imply that
>> Linux development model has been the best possible one and certainly not
>> that it has been better than the FreeBSD one. There are TONS of other
>Well, that's testable.

It may be testable, but it's the wrong test.

What you should test is a project run by _Linus Torvalds_ under the
current open development schema vs. a project run by Linus under a
more formal development schema.

If you compare stuff that Linus manages vs. almost anyone else, the
test will go in Linus's favor, because he's a damned good project
manager and they are very very rare.

ObKernel: I've noticed that my memory detection code doesn't seem
to work properly on the HP Omnibook 5700 I bought recently -- I've
put 128mb into the box, but the kernel is only returning 64mb.
Before I put Mastodon (CORE is now 99% a.out, BASIC is about 50%)
to one side and start poking around at memory management again,
has anyone else tried recent 2.1 kernels (or the recent -AC 2.0
kernels) on a really fat Omnibook?

david parsons \bi/ mem= is icky.

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