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SubjectRe: 2.1.123 and fbcon.c
In <>, on
at 10:11 AM, John Alvord <> said:

>I don't see how a push button response is possible. In the simplest
>cases, a patch must be examined closely, the context has to be
>understood, possible ramifications explored, the patch has to be applied
>to a kernel, the kernel has to build and work. Discovering whether it
>"works" is another whole matter: some patches need special
>environments,benchmarking, evaluation of results. Some patches need
>external testing. Only after a (potentially) long process can a patch be

You can normally not have an immediate response like
"patch accepted into next version", but you can certainly have immediate
responses like:

"rejected - no documentation, what *is* this?"
"rejected - code freeze"
"rejected - no time, make new patch for the next version"
"I'll try this. If you see it in the next release it means it got in."

Helge Hafting

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