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SubjectRe: 2.2 missing features

> > The same thing with the tulip driver! Why people have to change drivers,
> > when they use 2.1 (and, later, 2.2)? It is very strange behaviour, to
> > put an _archaic_ (not working!) driver in 2.1, while in 2.0 we have the
> > newest one.
> The linux networking core people want a driver with the fast routing
> features so there is an out of the box card you can use to build kickass
> Linux routers, its needed for 100Mbit routing as an example.
> Donald writes drivers without this feature and nobody has had time to take
> a current tulip and do the combining work.

What's about tulip, fastroute is not an obstacle to upgrade driver.

Real obstacle is that the newest Donald's drivers need
some fixes to work so good as 0.83 does.
Actually, tulip-0.83 was small island of stability,
(seems Linus found a time and eepro100 will be another one soon!)

It is frequently not clear, where reason of some problems
is hidden, and it seems to be better to stand on stable platform,
until we are not sure that upper layers are rock solid.

In any case, if someone needs newer driver, he goes to Donald's site.
Only do not forget, that if you see a misbehaviour, try "canonical"
driver before reporting the bug.


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