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    SubjectRe: Linux vs Microsoft

    On Sat, 17 Oct 1998, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
    > Alan Cox <>:
    > > You keep forgetting - the average user couldnt install windows 95 either,
    > > not and then sort out the video cards and other stuff. They solve it by
    > > buying preinstalled machines.
    > >
    > > Nowdays you can do the same for Linux
    > There are two reasons this is a poor argument:

    Actually, three reasons.

    > 1. We shouldn't settle for being as bad as 95. It's beneath us.
    > 2. The "buy a preinstalled machine" advice won't be convincing until
    > the big boys (Dell, Gateway, etc) make such an option generally
    > available.

    3. Even if we take the most optimistic estimates of total Linux users, and
    the most pessimistic estimates of Windows 95 upgrade sales, more people
    have bought and installed the Windows 95 upgrade than have installed

    --Tim Smith

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