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SubjectRe: 2.1.125 SMP fails production load test, quotas/epic trouble.
Simon Kirby wrote:

> I have also had to raise the limit on our webservers here...Is there
> anything wrong with setting the initial limit to something like 4096 or
> even higher? It only gets allocated when needed, correct? It's also not
> something a user is going to be able to abuse...or is it?

Quota is allocated when needed but never freed, so the number should stabilize at some
point and not need to be raised. Setting the quota max to a level comparable but
smaller than inode max would probably be a good starting point. It's possible that
under some conditions quota max might need to be greater than inode max -- with both
user and group quotas enabled, one inode might need two dquots.

Also, you should be able to increase quota max on the fly (as root) if you're getting
"waiting for quota" messages.


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