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    SubjectRe: Please try knfsd-981014

    On Fri, 16 Oct 1998, Peter Benie wrote:

    > Steven N. Hirsch writes ("Re: Please try knfsd-981014"):
    > > kmountd is still behaving itself, after two days of pounding. However,
    > > wildcard matching of clients still fails in an odd manner if the client
    > > uses Berkeley amd. If I specifically do a kexportfs client:/dir, the
    > > mount succeeds. Otherwise, these just pile up in the server log:
    > >
    > > Oct 15 21:18:21 air kernel: nfsd: unauthenticated request from (c0a8f40a:714)
    > > [snip]
    > > Then, on the server, I do:
    > >
    > > $ kexportfs iris:/
    > >
    > > And try the mount again:
    > >
    > > Oct 15 21:25:01 air kernel: svc: unknown version (3)
    > > Oct 15 21:25:01 air kernel: svc: unknown version (3)
    > > Oct 15 21:25:01 air mountd[121]: authenticated mount request from
    > Last time I looked that knfsd, it refused to respond to clients that
    > the kernel doesn't know about, which breaks Solaris and amd.
    > The client uses the portmapper to determine which port the NFS service
    > is on. Due to a weakness in the portmap protocol, it can't determine
    > which versions of NFS are available until without dumping the entire
    > list of portmapper services. [See RFC1057, A.2 "PMAPPROC_GETPORT" and
    > "PMAP_DUMP"]
    > Rather than call PMAP_DUMP, Solaris sends a request to NFSPROC_NULL.
    > If the client and server versions match, the client then calls the
    > mountd. If the versions don't match, the server responds with
    > PROG_MISMATCH. (This is an RPC error rather than an NFS error.) The
    > client then tries a different NFS version.
    > With Solaris or amd, the client doesn't mount until after the NFS
    > server has responded; with knfsd, the server doesn't respond until the
    > client has mounted => Deadlock.
    > A solution could be to implement NFSPROC_NULL even for unauthorized
    > clients.


    Thanks very much for taking the time to explain this! I was very confused
    as to why knfsd was the first process to gripe about the connect attempt.
    Not knowing what amd did, I assumed that I'd hear from the mount daemon


    Is it possible to treat NFSPROC_NULL disjointly from the other services
    for authentication? I'll take a look at the code this weekend, but you
    have spent much more time in there than I.


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