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SubjectRe: -j zImage
On Fri, 16 Oct 1998, Jochen Heuer wrote:

>I have been doing _make -j zImage modules_ for a very long time now but I
>have never had any lookups. I realised the change Linus made only when the

This because you have enough phisical memory to contains all virtual
memory allocated. Try to run swapoff -a or booting your kernel with
mem=32m and you'll see the deadlock too.

>compile did not complete successfully because it exceeded my resources (nr
>of processes). Last time I tried it I got
>make[2]: vfork: Nicht genügend Hauptspeicher verfügbar

How did you see this meesage? Why these messages are not in English?

>which basically means out of memory.
This is why you should remove translation from your kernel messages.

Are you sure to be really out of memory and not out of process? That are
completly different issues. To increase the number of process available on
the system you need to hack linux/include/linux/tasks.h

>I have applied your patch, build a new kernel and rebooted. The problem
>with out of memory seems to have become worse. This is a _cat
>/proc/meminfo_ right after the first oom message:

The fork case could be also a memory fragmentation problem and not an OOM
problem. fork could fail because there aren' t 2 contiguous page in the
system to allocate the kernel stack for the new process.

>As you can see I really have plenty of memory still available.

If the messages always contains "vfork:" I think you are really not
getting failed memory allocation.

To prove that my code has problems with plenty of memory free you should
see _this_ message (in English):

Out of memory for ???
^^^ where ??? is the name of the process killed.

while the system has plenty of memory.

>Maybe I should try Rik's addition. Where can I find it?

In it's homepage I think.

Andrea Arcangeli

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