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    SubjectRe: IDE-Driver and APCUPSD Status (READ ME ALL)
    > Should I be unable to free the project, I WILL KILL IT and legal forbid
    > anyone that has access to current source code from using it.......

    You can't change an existing license on someone unless that license itself
    granted the rights to do so. The GPL doesn't. Anyone with source can carry
    on regardless, anyone with a binary can provide the written request for
    the source at media+time cost as per the GPL and require you meet the license
    if you provided only a binary.

    I don't think it was ever originally meant to protect code from employers
    who change their mind but it has done so several times.

    It's also worth understanding why people get so concerned about GPL 'abuse'
    issues. There is no legal 'must be seen to be enforced' situation with
    licenses and copyright but nevertheless a lot of folk feel its important
    that the license is seen to be observed. Sometimes people go a bit over
    the top. Most GPL violations are stupidity not intentional and its a much
    much better idea to politely remind the people violating some point of it
    of the fact they are doing so than to go on a witchhunt.

    Finally if the GPL cannot be met, then code cannot be distributed under the
    GPL. At that point you either change the license or just hand it on to
    people who can't be squashed by said employer. This happened with fltk, which
    is alive and well despite the best effort of some meaningless corporate
    pointyhair to interfere.


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