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    SubjectRe: Linux vs Microsoft
    In article <>,
    Eric S. Raymond <> wrote:
    >Tim Towers <>:
    >> Dear Richard,
    >> Hmm, commercially, I would expect all the
    >> "open source" medievel knights to get mown
    >> down by the Microsoft Tank. Once you've shipped
    >> an OS with the PC that people buy they'll
    >> generally stick with it, and in an office
    >> environment the OS and App mix from Microsoft
    >> makes a lot of sense on the desktop.
    >> There's only a one in a million chance that
    >> either the US DoJ lawsuit, or Microsoft's
    >> own inertia will cause it to fail.
    >> As Terry Pratchett noticed, though, one in
    >> a million chances happen quite regularly.
    >> Tim Towers
    >> Merrill Lynch, Architecture & Strategy
    >With due respect, Mr. Towers...if Microsoft could crush us, it would
    >already have done so. It is now several months too late for them to

    Maybe. It strikes me as a bad idea to underestimate the esteemed
    Mr. Gates, because Microsoft is a lot nimbler and smarter than
    anybody thinks it is.

    >Their window began to close when the first of the enterprise database
    >announcements hit the streets. With Oracle's announcement of a
    >bundled, supported, Oracle-over-Linux combination on CD-ROM offering
    >the 24/7 reliability unattainable with NT, it has effectively slammed shut.

    How many big relational databases were ported to OS/2, and what is
    your opinion of the future of OS/2?

    david parsons \bi/ I'll start getting cocky when Linux has 30% market
    \/ share.

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