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SubjectCLOSED ISSUE (Re: APC, Your company is making a mistake!)

I would ask that everyone let this go quiet, since it is my package, to
allow me to finish dialog that was interrupted. I have been in
communications with APC since I had to pull the source. I was
(past tense) having slow but positive success in get the source freed.

If you have an issue, it should be in private.

The answer the question is that all parties concerned with license state
are in communication................I am getting help from the people that
I have asked for help (in the background).

APC makes an excellent product, or I would not have wasted TWO YEARS to
make something for Linux and all other UNIX's supported by "PowerChute".
Yes, you heard me correctly "all other UNIX's". The whinning is not only
hurting Linux, but every other Unix OS that needs support..........

Please get off my back and let me try to finish what I started.

On Wed, 14 Oct 1998, Majdi Abbas wrote:

> Justin A. Kolodziej wrote:
> | As soon as you or anyone else can explain to me WHY he can still distribute
> | the binaries without source being made available, if in fact this is the case.
> The author can change the license the code is distributed under.
> | In other words, distributing the binary is at the moment a violation.
> | To quote from my handy-dandy copy of the GPL:
> [snip]

Everyone is lucky that I begged to have the binaries released, since it is
an important issue for Linux. If I really did not care about the
community at large, I would have stopped the delevopment once my needs
were satisfied, but the issue is bigger than anyone on this entire
list-around the world can grasp. There is an exception of about THREE
other people that I know of that are on this list..........

> | If this does not prohibit distribution of the software in this case, since he
> | apparently cannot distribute the source, than tell me why.
> I'd like everyone who has been posting things like this to stop
> for a moment. Stop being assholes. -HE DOES NOT HAVE A CHOICE-
> You will not change the source status of apcupsd by bitching about it on
> the list and citing the license.
> If your employer tells you you can't continue distributing something,
> you stop, assuming you want to keep your job and access to the source.
> Period. This isn't something that a lot of collective whining can or will
> change. So to everyone posting this bullshit, grow up.
> And yes, this is off-topic for l-k. So although I won't demand that
> it stop here, I will suggest that this thread have a rather short life.

Andre Hedrick
The IDE-FNG for Linux
The APC UPS Specialist for Linux

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