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Subject[offtopic] Re: APC, Your company is making a mistake!
| 	I think the point is that APC as a company is completely
| ignoring the non-Wintel platforms. Best doesn't. APCUPSD is
| no longer available in source form.

not at all -- I just bought PowerChute Plus for UNIX (CD with binaries for Solaris, SunOS, HPUX, etc, etc.) Runs very nicely. Installation was a breeze, and things run very nicely. Wintel is a bigger market though, although the people most likely to buy a UPS are running workstations and servers (NT *and* *NIX) ...

An odd thing -- I was talking with them yesterday about some simple signaling cables (I was told the part number for the "NT" cables instead of the UNIX ones, but I wanted to know if they would work...) The person on the phone said "No, you definately need the UNIX cables. Well, wait ... are you using Linux?"

We're apparently starting to make head-way there in some form. I've talked with various people there (engineers, people close to high-level management, etc.) (and in person, not on the phone -- not a canned response) I was told by all of them that APC was not supporting Linux because they didn't think there was enough money in that market. As Linux continues to take over the ISP market, and as it continues to enter corporate life, I think APC will start kicking themselves that they're late on the band wagon.

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