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SubjectRe: LSF and SOCK_PACKET
Yeah I screwed up.  I didn't realize that only socket level setsockopts
were generic.

On another note:

Has anyone given any thought to having a BIND_TO_TCP_PORT type option

The reason I ask that if one wanted to use SOCK_PACKET for more than
traffic monitoring (ie. user level networking) this would be a very
useful feature (although it could be argued it breaks all kind of layer

I would be interested in hearing the best ways of going about this.


Excerpts from mail: 16-Oct-98 Re: LSF and SOCK_PACKET by Andi
> of the LL/DL code) in 2.1. Then SO_ATTACH_FILTER/
> SO_DETACH_FILTER are generic socket options that are handled by
> core/sock.c for all socket types, the receiving filter is in
> (that is what I missed in my first mail).

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