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SubjectRe: "per-process" limits (was: Showstopper list)
On Tue, Oct 13, 1998 at 02:45:58PM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
> I actually wrote a few pieces of a thing called "beancounter" which was
> an idea to do this. I've not had time to do more than post the first
> draft version of the code (which someone in Linux security duely broke
> straight off). Im not sure if the person who picked up on it is working
> further on it or not.

It was me who hacked Alan's beancounter code.
I've finished the generic interface for beancounter management
and mostly implemented the accounting for virtual memory
and unpageable kernel memory occupied by groups of tasks.
As unpageable kernel memory the code currently
accounts task+stack structures, mlock()ed memory and page
directories. Socket buffer space and other accounting aren't
implemented yet.

I plan to finish the patch when I'll have more free time (probably
at the beginning of November).

> The model SCO use for a user is fairly simple. There are three uid values
> involved - uid, euid, and luid. The luid is a login uid. It is set once and
> cannot be changed.
> The code I had was less restrictive than the SCO idea - you have an luid
> which sets your current->beancounter. That is the beancounter to which all
> your resources get charged. Each resource object you allocate also makes
> a copy by reference counting of the bean counter so that it can free up
> the resources on an object.

Best wishes
Andrey V.

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