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SubjectRe: [PARPORT] Re: linux, parport & EPP BIOS calls
> > There is a little known extension known as "EPP BIOS" which gives better 
> > control over the parallel port. The actual location is found by a call to INT 17h
> It's not to say that these facilities themselves could not be duplicated.
> The bios is just providing you with an interface remember that. Can you
> email any infomration you have? Looks interesting.

I think you've missed the point: the BIOS knows what kind of parallel port
chip is in use, and where its configuration registers are hidden. I think
David was hoping to find a way to avoid having to write chip specific
drivers for all the different parallel ports out there ...

David: some BIOSes no longer offer EPP mode as a setup option even when the
chip supports it. Do we have any evidence that the EPP-BIOS would work on
such motherboards ?

Grant R. Guenther

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