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SubjectRe: -j zImage
On Thu, Oct 15, 1998 at 09:07:53PM +0200, Matthias Bilger wrote:
> > processes exited because of unsufficient memory, but my machine didn't crash.
> > With 2.1.125, it always crashed after about 2 or 3 minutes. Crashing means
> > here: the only thing I could do is switch between virtual consoles and press
> > alt+sysrq+key. Alt+sysrq+s and u writes "syncing" and "remounting" to the
> > console but actually the syncing or remounting is not done. And usually after
> > pressing these combinations, I've found that the alt key was stuck in. The
> > only way to "release" the alt key is to switch to another console and then
> > switch back.
> >
> I got the same trouble on a friend's SMP Box 2 200MMX 128 MB RAM and
> 128 MB SWAP - vfork fails after 2 or three minutes, too - with -j20 it
> still works

This just means that you ran out of processes. If I remember right then the
limit is 512 processes. Start top on another console and see the number of
processes increase rapidly.




Well, yeah ... I suppose there's no point in getting greedy, is there?

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