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    SubjectRe: 2us Interrupt latency's for Linux 2.0.xx


    I am assuming, this mail was sent out to the linux-kernel newsgroup by
    mistake. But, since it was posted here, I thought it would be
    but appropriate to post a reply to the same, in case others were
    interested in knowing more.

    Dr. Yodaiken,

    I see that you are quite misinformed about our work at MSU. Our
    project involves development of a Realtime messsage passing standard.
    (MPI/RT) (ref: We are in process of building the first
    prototype of MPI/RT middleware and realtime network of workstations as a
    technology demonstrator.

    MPI/RT poses several middle-out constraints on the underlying operating
    systems, that none of the OS's available to us support. Hence our goals
    require us to modify some existing operating system, to best fit our
    needs. After looking at several OSs we decided that RT-Linux would be most
    readily modified, since its source is freely available, it has been fairly
    well documented, and it already has a large and growing user base. The
    support for RT-linux has also been excellent over the mailing list.

    RT-linux as it existed (version 0.5) was quite far from our final
    requirements, so we have been working on modifying the kernel to adapt it
    to support an optimal mpirt implementation. For instance, we developed our
    own time based scheduling mechanisms using the APIC that rtlinux is
    incorporating only now. We also have been working on realtime drivers for
    highspeed networks. In this, many of the ideas from the MARUTI OS are
    being used.

    We are not reimplementing anything, mostly adapting things to our
    needs. It is unfortunate that you were led to believe the contrary, and
    caused you such concern. I certainly hope this mail would help resolve any

    Manoj Apte
    HPCL Lab
    Mississippi State University

    On Sun, 11 Oct 1998 wrote:

    > On Wed, Sep 02, 1998 at 09:27:31PM -0500, Manoj Apte wrote:
    > >
    > > I am using the pentium tsc to get the timings.. I am sending my algorithm
    > > in the next email.. so you can look at it
    > > and yes the delay for the 8253 is about 12us
    > Since you folks got a big DARPA grant for reimplementing my work, you can
    > hire me or Ingo to consult on this problem.

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