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Subject[OFFTOPIC] Narrow-minded American attitudes
> > into it - the belief of Americans that their constitution is the
> > law of the world
> Errm, no. The constitution does not grant rights. It guarantees some
> of the rights which are given to everyone by God.

Much as I hate to continue this on-list (I have taken most of it off-list and
made sure Linus is not Cc'd - as he has expressed he is not interested in the
thread), I just see this as needing a response.

I'm not taking any sides in this message or pointing out what I think about
the comment itself.


A comment about god, or the existence of a god, is just as narrow-minded and
out of place as a comment about guns (or alcohol or drugs, to go back a bit in
the archives). This mailing list spans a number of countries and political
systems. Not everyone thinks that America is the model of a society. Any
comments on these topics should be kept well off the list, on the list they
can only serve to divide the members. If we're going to have a flamewar, keep
it on-topic - like patch control, devfs, or whatever.

Sorry for my response to Eric's earlier post. His comments offended me and I
couldn't go without responding.


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