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SubjectRe: 2.1.125 Show stopper list: Draft
> > >    NFS over tcp
> > > This basically doesnt work right now. probably pull for 2.3
> >
> > Probably there should be at least an easy way to tell knfsd to *not*
> > try to serve nfs over tcp, otherwise if you have many nfs-over-tcp
> > capable clients, you are in trouble.
> Im not sure what the NFS server status is on tcp NFS.

I did not try the client, what I have is a Linux box as a server and a
bunch of Solaris SPARCs as clients (have my home on the workstation).
knfsd seems to work for some time (even with locking), but eventially
there is a message like "nfsd: bad tcp reclen<12345678>, terminating"
on the Linux console, and the client says "NFS server not responding".
Eventually all knfsd processes die. Not sure if it has something to
do with nfs over tcp, just guessed it from the message. I've published
a detailed report in linux-kernel a while ago.


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