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SubjectRe: 2.1.125 Show stopper list: Draft
Alan Cox wrote:

> Put a busy mail spool on it and wait. I suspect its because the
> lockd thread wasnt doing any kind of lock_kernel() request. This was 2.1.121
> I'll ask the previous victim to try again with 2.1.125 (shall I ask with
> or without HJ's patches)

Hi Alan,

Actually lockd does do a lock_kernel when the kernel thread is started, so that's
not the problem.

Do we know what kind of locking requests the mail server is doing? I'd like to be
able to reproduce the problem here, and setting up a "busy mail server" isn't
very feasible for me.

If you could have the original reporter try again (with or without any other
patches), and then file an oops report or whatever if the problem still exists.


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