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SubjectRe: 2.1.125 Show stopper list: Draft
Date (Eugene Crosser) writes:

> In article <>,
> (Alan Cox) writes:
> > NFS over tcp
> > This basically doesnt work right now. probably pull for 2.3
> Probably there should be at least an easy way to tell knfsd to *not*
> try to serve nfs over tcp, otherwise if you have many nfs-over-tcp
> capable clients, you are in trouble.
> Two more things not working properly:
> - Hanging TCP connections
> If you try to establish many tcp connections over local interface
> at the same time, some of them stay dead forever (many hours) -
> one end in SYN_WAIT, other end in ESTABLISHED.

I'm not sure what SYN_WAIT is, I assume you mean SYN_RECV ? A SYN_RECV
connection should go away after some time, if it doesn't it is a bug.

An ESTABLISHED connection may exists forever if no data flows, that is ok,
but others shouldn't. If you see a problem could you send me a tcpdump
log of a buggy connection establishment and/or the netstat -to output?


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