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SubjectRe: 2.1.125 Show stopper list: Draft
In article <>, (Alan Cox) writes:

> NFS over tcp
> This basically doesnt work right now. probably pull for 2.3

Probably there should be at least an easy way to tell knfsd to *not*
try to serve nfs over tcp, otherwise if you have many nfs-over-tcp
capable clients, you are in trouble.

Two more things not working properly:

- Hanging TCP connections
If you try to establish many tcp connections over local interface
at the same time, some of them stay dead forever (many hours) -
one end in SYN_WAIT, other end in ESTABLISHED.

- Serial driver hanging on close()
Under some rare conditions (probably if the modem hangs up with
CTS line down) close() never returns.

Both problems do not appear under 2.0.anything

Eugene Crosser; 2:5020/230@fidonet;

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