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    SubjectRe: Spawning modprobe for AX25?!
    Date (Chip Salzenberg) writes:

    > I configured 2.1.125 _not_ to include AX25, AppleTalk, or IPX.
    > Yet for some reason, when /sbin/ifconfig tries to create sockets
    > of those types, the kernel spawns "modprobe net-pf-[345]".
    > Why? Those modules are never there!

    Because the high level socket() code doesn't have special cases for all
    kinds of strange socket types, but instead just has a generic table. If
    it can't find the socket family in the table it'll try to request the

    The 2.1 socket code is modular enough that CONFIG_<type>=m is equivalent
    to CONFIG_<type>=n. I don't think that it would be worth the additional
    code and complexeties just to make it distingush between these two states
    for a protocol. It would be much better to just fix net-tools to check
    for the appropiate /proc/net files first before opening these sockets.


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