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SubjectRe: bttv and mga
->> auto BOOT_IMAGE=125 ro root=303 ip=off mdacon=5-8 console=ttyS0,9600 console=tty0

->> mdacon: MDA with 4K of memory detected.
->> Console: switching consoles 12-15 to MDA-2
-> Sorry, "5,8" instead of "5-8"...

Thanks. It worked

.. not for long though. I was able to use ALt-arrows to switch between consoles.
Seemed to be ok. After that I did start X, at that time the mga console went blank.
I did switch back to first console, and tried to use Alt-Arrows. I ended up
with getting tty5 on my vga screen (before starting X I used to have it at
mga screen). At that point machine locked up solid. No ping reply, no keyboard
activity. The mga console has been blank all time since I did start X.


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