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SubjectRe: [ME TOO] Re: Linux-2.1.125 ... pre-2.2 imminent - SCSI issues
You wrote:
>The 1542CF is known to have bad SCSI lines drivers (hardware).
>In real life you can compare it with a car that has bad brakes and
>bad tyres.

If this is the case, then could you please suggest a replacement
scsi card? I've tried the AHA29xx series, and they work very
poorly with my motherboard. I need a low end card, similar
to the 1542, which has worked very well in my machines for quite a while.

Obsolete hardware is no excuse for buggy error handling in the driver.

Since when have bugs in the hardware prevented Linux from still
supporting the device? I can understand poor performance on old
machines, but not outright bugs.

Are we also to throw away obsolete pentium chips with F00F bugs?


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