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Subjectext2fs and shared RAID subsystems
Hey, I know this might be a little off-topic, but I need to know if the
ext2fs will work with shared disk subsystems. I need a fully redundant
system for the eMail servers at work, and the only way I can see having full
redundancy (no one point of failure, N+1) is running 2 mail servers with a
shared RAID5 disk subsystem. I know Compaq will help me get the array
working properly, but I need to know if ext2fs can handle the shared array.
The two mail servers will be setup so one is the primary POP3 and secondary
SMTP and the other secondary POP3 and primary SMTP (if one dies you just
bind the other IP up until the other is working). The disk subsystem will
*NOT* be the boot partition. Each machine will have 2 9gb (SCSI Level 0)
drives for the system on each, but simply /var/mail will be shared. Does
anyone know how the ext2fs would handle a shared /var/mail? There is a
chance a user could be recieving inbound eMail from one server and getting
his mail from the other at the same time (2 machines, 1 disk subsystem).
What would ext2fs do? Any insight is apperciated.

Also- if you could please send replies to myself and CC:'ed to the list so I
see them right away if at all possible. Thanks to all.

Robert Gash
Systems Administrator
Cybermax, Inc.
Phone: (904) 281-2200 x3312
Fax: (904) 296-4203

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