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    SubjectRe: AHA1542 and SCSI tape (HP 35480A) again
    This is a SCSI question and should be on the linux-scsi list.

    On Sat, 10 Oct 1998, Matthias Andree wrote:

    > Apart from the already known not working aha1542 reset/abort code, I
    > encountered a new, strange one today:
    > while playing a little with mt, mtst and dump-0.3 on my HP 35480A
    > (attached to my AHA1542CF), I got these:
    > Oct 9 22:01:43 emma1 kernel: Wrong buffer length supplied for request sense (256)
    This comes from the following code in aha1542.c

    if(*cmd == REQUEST_SENSE){
    #ifndef DEBUG
    if (bufflen != sizeof(SCpnt->sense_buffer)) {
    printk("Wrong buffer length supplied for request sense

    The SCSI tape driver does not send any REQUEST SENSE command. It is used
    by the error processing in the middle level SCSI driver. So, this is not a
    problem specific to SCSI tapes. An easy and safe fix might be to change
    the test from != to < (this should catch any buffer overflow).


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