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SubjectWhat is an OS? [was Re: UDI and Free Software]
Simon Kenyon wrote:
> On 09-Oct-98 Nathan Hand wrote:
> > I see nothing wrong with this statement, nor do I see an alleged attempt
> > to rewrite history. What exactly do you think is wrong with a claim that
> > basically translates into "respect given where respect due"?
> i quote from <a href="">this document
> by rms</a>
> if that is not dismissive of linus then i don't know what is

Hmmm... does all that mean you can compile the binary utils from BSD on a
GNU/Linux system (making the necessary changes) and call the result a BSD/Linux
system? That's what it sounds like from here.

Or can you replace all the Solaris programs by GNU programs and call it
GNU/SunOS or something ridiculous? I'm pretty sure that would violate a few
license terms... :-)

This brings up the idea of "What is an operating system? Is it the kernel, or
the kernel plus the minimal set of programs that run on the kernel to provide
basicsystem functions?" The point rms seems to be trying to make is although a
kernel is necessary for an operating system, it is not sufficient. If you have
an extra computer, try installing Linux on it then deleting all the bin and sbin
directories and rebooting.... MWAHAHAHA

I think his claims have at least some truth to them. When you get a Linux
system you never get just the kernel. However, You could conceivably get a
system with the Linux kernel but with all the pbundled programs compiled from
the BSD sources. You'd have to call that a BSD/Linux system, I would think.
Plus what to call MkLinux? Shouldn't it be called GNU/Linux/MACH? Or maybe
appLeLINUX/MACH? ;-)

Easier to call all GNU/Linux systems Linux as long as there aren't any
Linux-based systems with programs from other sources making up the core system.

Justin A. Kolodziej
My lucky number has been disconnected.

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