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SubjectRe: Storage Limitations
1-Oct-98 08:41 you wrote:
> What storage limitations exist on Linux-ix86 systems besides the 2GB
> limitation per file? Is there a partition size limitation?

> I've been experimenting with a ~300GB Fibre channel Raid array and have
> experienced problems beginning with partitions of 10GB or more... I can
> create large partitions with fdisk, but mke2fs appears to suffer from a
> limitation. I would appreciate any information/tips/pointers that this
> list may be willing to share.

Last time I'm seen such behaviour was with 12Mb RAM and 2Gb partition. mk2efs
hangs (after sixth try I'm decided to try something else then to try
start installation of RedHat again and again :-) and could not handle this
1Gb partition even with 128Mb swap file! When memory was temporarily expanded
to 32Mb (without swap at all!!!) partition was finally created and after
shirnking down to 8Mb system was stable and well. This was long ago (mke2fs
was 1.06 and kernel was 2.0.30 -- letest versions for the time) and I'm not
seen it anymore but I'm not know what it was and if this is fixed now... May
be someone has some clue ? Looks like the problem not with big partition by
itself but with mke2fs and "small memory" :-(( Real memory, not virtual one...

P.S. From unexpirienced user (me) problem was like kernel problem -- there was
a lot of messages from kernel. After initial creation 8Mb was enough for ordinal
work, e2fsck, etc.

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